Sometimes it is difficult for vegans and vegetarians to find a food that is healthy, tasty, and filling. Restaurants, cuisines, and cafes provide a wide array of dishes on their menus; however, some of them do not include foods for vegetarians and vegans.

Milanu’s Tandoori Grill is here for diners of any food preference, Canadian vegans and vegetarians can consider Indian cuisine as a choice when dining with us. India is rich in vegetables and beans and its citizens love to eat a lot of them.

Based on ancient beliefs and religion in India, many people chose to be vegetarian for a long time. Thus, except for preparing tasty meat dishes, Indian cuisine is also great for vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Let’s find out what you can try out next time you’re craving Indian food.

Features of Indian Dishes

Here are three outstanding features of Indian dishes that make them unique and different from other cuisines of the world.

Diverse Gastronomy — India has a wide population diversity where every cuisine is different with its taste and the way it is cooked. There are different types of gastronomy in India such as Northern Indian, Western Indian, Eastern Indian, and Southern Indian cuisine. Each one of them works with a different flavour palette because the cultures and traditions vary everywhere. By tasting food in each region, you will feel the cultural background that they have and will understand which crop dominates in the region.

Spices — The spices of Indian cooking are the most dominant part of the taste of dishes. Indians use a lot of spices that make their food unique. The aroma, colour, and overall flavour of the food are provided by spices. They use spices such as clove, turmeric, cardamom, garam masala, cumin, coriander, and more. The combination of spices is the essential part of each Indian dish that makes the food stand out.

Unique Combination — Indian cuisine is popular by the combination of flavours that you most probably didn’t imagine being mixed. Generally, most cuisines prepare food combining the same flavours, while in Indian dishes there will be a burst of flavours in one dish alone. This diversity makes Indian dishes unique, delicious, and rich in various aromas and colours.

Milanu’s Tandoori Grill offers a wide variety of Indian dishes to choose from the menu, where definitely, Canadian vegans and vegetarians can find their own choice.

Here are 5 recipes of Indian dishes that you can order as a vegetarian or vegan that we’re sure you’ll love.

Chaat Papdi (Vegan Option Available)

Chaat papdi

If you like tasting sweet and spicy flavours or haven’t had a chance to try them, chaat papdi is a great option to choose. This Indian dish is rich in protein and is a healthy snack to try.

Crispy wheat crackers served with chickpeas, potatoes, fried lentil spongy balls, sweet & sour chutneys, yoghurt and spices make the dish tasty and vegetarian-friendly. For vegans, this Indian dish can be served without yoghurt.

Punjabi Samosa Chaat (Vegan option)

Punjabi Samosa Chaat (2 pcs)
Punjabi Samosa Chaat (2 pcs)


This is Indian street food that is easy and quick to make. Salty, spicy, and savoury flavours of this Indian dish burst in your mouth.

Its ingredients are fried pastry with a savoury filling of potatoes served with chana, yoghurt, onions, sweet & sour chutneys. This Indian dish has a vegan option as well and you can request it while ordering.

Pindi Chana Masala & Bhatura

Pindi Chana Masala


The dish contains chickpeas cooked in different spices. This Indian dish is served with 2 pieces of puffy bread, onions, and pickles. The dish is ideal for breakfast, lunch, or as a quick snack. Its ingredients showcase its richness in proteins, B-vitamins, iron, and more. The dish is healthy and vegetarian-friendly.

Chatpata Soya Chaap Tikka

Chatpata soya chaap tikka


This Indian dish is the vegetarian version of chicken tikka. You can taste tangy and spicy flavours in one bite. This mouth-watering vegetarian BBQ is tasty. Also, the soya chaap is rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins and more.

The dish contains tangy & spicy soya chaap tikka marinated with spices, yoghurt, green peppers & onions.

Mushroom Masala Curry (Vegan option available)

Mushroom Masala Curry


This Indian dish contains mushrooms prepared in thick tomato/onion gravy filled with peppers, onions and cream. In general, mushrooms contain proteins, fiber, and D-vitamins which make the ingredient stand out.

This Indian dish can be great for vegans and you can order the food by requesting a vegan option.

Indian dishes stand out through their diversity, various aromas, and colours. As a country that is rich in history, cultures, and traditions, India offers a diverse range of food options to everyone. Whenever you order Indian food including the best indian bbq restaurant in pickering you admire the spices and the combination of different vegetables and fruits. The contrasting flavours enrich each other and make the overall dish scrumptious.

Especially, India provides a wide range of food varieties for vegans and vegetarians.
If you are looking for an Indian dish prepared for vegetarians or vegans, choose one from Milanu’s Tandoori Grill today.