Someone once stated, “There is no more true affection than the passion for food.”

Everyone in India is a foodie. They are constantly on the lookout for anything exceptional that would satisfy their taste buds. Milanu’s Tandoori Grill, located in Pickering, Ontario, seeks to replicate traditional Indian cuisine that will tantalize your taste buds and have you coming back for more. Milanu’s meals showcase both the beauty and the complexity of Indian cuisine. Our dishes vary in selection and presentation, and personalized service tells the narrative of the food. If you don’t really like Indian food, it’s probably because you’ve not tried some of the best. Milanu’s has recently been ranked as one of the best Indian Restaurants in Pickering.


Milanu’s Tandoori Grill serves some of the best Indian food in Pickering that you can get your hands-on, and that’s not only our subjective opinion. Indian food is designed to appeal to people of all tastes and palates. You can find both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options that capture the essence and flavours of traditional Indian restaurant food at Milanu’s.


Here you can find authentic Indian food such as a Best Halal BBQ.

Milanus Restaurant only serves 100% halal food. Restaurants in Pickering that serve halal food must carefully and consistently adhere to the practices and standards required for halal food. It is a common misconception that Punjabi food only refers to the consumption of specific meat products; however, all food must be inspected and prepared in a halal manner, including meat and poultry slaughter. If you’re looking for the best halal BBQ in Pickering, look no further than Milanu’s. Each dish is also 100 percent authentic Indian food that has been flavorfully enhanced to dance on your palate.

It’s important to mention that Milanus Restaurant’s food is produced with fresh and local ingredients. We only use fresh, local ingredients that come straight from the farm. Nothing is artificial, and nothing is outdated. This, combined with the fresh meat, poultry, and seafood that we prepare with halal practices in mind, is what gives all of our dishes their exceptional flavour. The freshness of the food is detectable from the first bite, and at Milanu’s Indian restaurant, we value every bite from the first to the last, which is another reason why we are considered as one of Pickering’s best Indian restaurants.

Moreover, we serve mouthwatering tandoori and BBQ. Our specialty is savoury and succulent tandoori barbeque that is made with a traditional tandoor. In Pickering, you can get chicken Tandoori, Tandoori Tikka, Tandoori mushrooms, Tandoori fish, Tandoori shrimp, Tandoori aloo, and more. The preparation process is the main factor for extremely delicious tandoori.

Milanu’s Indian Restaurant in Pickering has one of the most extensive selections of Indian dishes available, as well as crowd-pleasing vegetarian specials. There is no better time to give it a shot — and fall in love with it. Indian cuisine straddles the line between spicy and pleasant.

Catering is essential because food plays a large role in any party or event. The food you serve to your guests can make or break your occasion, hiring a catering company is the best option. Here it comes, Milanus Restaurant has catering services for every occasion such as weddings, cocktail parties, events, birthdays, and more.