All genius things are simple. So is tandoor. A tandoor is the traditional oven of India made from clay, like a large clay pit. A tandoor is used both for cooking and baking. The heat used for cooking usually comes from charcoal or firewood. This heat is distributed throughout the walls of the oven which can reach up to 600°F. The top often remains open to allow for access and ventilation.
A variety of non-vegetarian dishes as well as different types of flatbreads like Tandoori Roti,Tandoori Naan,Tandoori Laccha Paratha and many more can be prepared by the Tandoor way. Tandoor style of cooking is used by people of a vast geographical area and so many variants like Punjabi style, Afghan style, Armenian style etc are very popular.

Benefits of cooking in Tandoor

  • Healthy food preparation
  • Maintains authentic taste
  • It gives the food a unique taste
  • No fuel/gas used
  • No vitamins or minerals are lost during the cooking process

At Milanus Tandoori Grill, as the name suggest, all our Tandoori BBQ items along with breads are cooked in the Tandoor.